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Training Provider:

Team: Building, Leadership, Development, & Motivation

This is a one, two, or three day training


Who should attend?

  • Any member involved in team work from all levels in an organization, university, firm, etc

  • Managers

  • Project managers

  • Product developer

  • Designers

  • R&D personnel

  • Engineers

  • Marketers

  • Technical sales personnel

  • Planners

  • Anyone


  • To increase productivity

  • To achieve organizational goal

  • To build high-performing teams

  • To build cohesion among employees


  • Characteristics needed for a team leader

  • Team leadership role and value in achieving results

  • Team leader responsibility

  • Team role and responsibility

  • Motivating the team

  • Effective personal and interpersonal communication

  • Resources and talents within the team

  • Goals and vision

  • Problem-solving, handling conflict and differences, and decision making

  • Facilitating the team

  • Team development process

  • Team assessment






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