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Our Team:


Al Shalabi (P.Eng, MSc. -Ing, BSc. TE, Cert. PM)

Al is the founder of DeveNova. He has works in the field of New Product Development (NPD), Project Management, Ergonomics, and Idea Management with 17 years of diverse international experience.

In Canada he worked as a project manager in the field of energy management and facility retrofitting for energy optimization. In Germany, he worked as a researcher on metal forming processes and production strategy-concept analysis for the die and mold industry. In Malaysia, he worked as project leader for investigating new product innovation processes implemented by the Malaysian automobile industry and created a framework for new product innovation in the automotive industry.

He managed various design projects on human factors (ergonomics) in design and he has conducted ergonomic workplace assessments.

He is a reviewer for the conference of International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA). In addition, he also researches and presents technical papers for international journals and conferences.

He is a member in good standing with:

  • Engineers Nova Scotia, Canada (APENS)

  • The Association of German Engineers (VDI)

G. Han (MBA, BBA)

Han is recognized for turning-around poorly performing operations to high levels of performance, throughout measuring employees’ productivity and following up for better results through data analysis. He worked as a project manager and business counselor. Han is specialized in logistics, distribution management, employee management, budget development, project/program management, process enhancement, quality assurance, customer service, risk analysis, and performance maximization. His diverse entrepreneurial international working experience with various businesses and within university setup gave him the opportunity to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures.


A. Abed (BEng Phys, BEng Elec)

Beside his duties in the business development team, Abed works in DeveNova Consulting as a consultant in the field of office ergonomics, organizational ergonomics, and industrial engineering. He is currently located in Germany. He is involved in introducing ergonomics into large organizations located in the Middle East such as in Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, and Jordan. With 10 years under his belt, he developed the skills that are particularly effective at satisfying clients.


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