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Current Training:

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Earlier Projects:

  • WORKPLACE ERGONOMICS: Train-the-Trainer Training. December 15 - 17, 2013. Amman - Jordan.

  • Office Ergonomics Awareness Training and 1-o-1 Office Setup Assessment in HSBC Dubai, UAE, Oct. 2013

  • Office Ergonomics Awareness Train-the-Trainer Training in Qatar Telecom (Qtel), Qatar, Dec. 2012.

  • Office Ergonomics Awareness Groups Training and Office Ergonomics Training-the-Trainer Training in Qatar Museums Authority (QMA), Qatar, Sept. 2012.

  • Ergonomics Training Flyerعربي(pdf)

  • Ergonomics Training Flyer- English       (pdf)

  • Retrofitting of sports facilities for energy management, Halifax, Canada, 2010

  • Ergonomic assessment of office workstations, Halifax, Canada, 2010

  • Community centre idea and conceptual design, Halifax, Canada, 2009

  • New product development (NPD) and innovation framework creation for automotive industry, Malaysia, 2008.

  • Thermal optimization of buildings and residential houses, Malaysia, 2007.

  • Investigation of processes and methods used in new product development (NPD) in Malaysian industry (collaboration with University of Halmstad, Sweden), Malaysia, Sweden,  2005.

  • Strategy concepts of die and mold industry, Germany, 2004.

  • Determination of metal forming parameters through simulations, Germany 2003.

  • Analysis of shot velocity in shot-peening actions concerning its effects on the Almen strip, Germany, 2000.

  • Heat transfer from finned tubes, 1995.

  • Determination of thermal conductivity of wood, 1994.



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