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Training Provider:

Intercultural awareness - Become globally competitive:


This is a one, two, or three day training


Who should attend?

  • Expats

  • Individuals or teams working internationally

  • Mangers

  • Anyone

Objectives and Outlines:

It its a customized training that focuses on:

  • Individuals

  • Teams

who regularly visit a foreign country or who frequently interact with overseas clients or colleagues. This training is usually customized to focus on areas such as:


  • Values

  • Morals

  • Ethics

  • Business practices

  • Etiquette

  • Protocol or negotiation styles

  • History

  • Language

  • Religion

  • Society

  • Currency

  • Transport

  • Meetings ethics

  • Attire

  • Gift giving

  • Greetings

  • Business card etiquette

  • And more ...

 with reference to one country.


Our expertise is in a number of countries including Malaysia, Middle East, Germany, Canada, India and much more...



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