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Training Provider:

Ergonomic Awareness in Workplace Environment: Office Ergonomics Training


This is a one, two, or three day training


Who should attend?

Ergonomics training is to be given to all employees and management in a firm to educate about the ergonomics



  • Create a culture of ergonomics within the organization

  • Provide information regarding workplace and its usage, poor workstation setup effect on health, productivity, and quality of work.

  • Introduction to human body, the anatomical and mechanical structure of the human body, human senses,

  • Provide information about interaction between human body (eyes, hands, feet, spine, etc) and office environment.

  • Provide information about musculoskeletal disorders, health risks, and ergonomic exercises to avoid the problems.

  • Basic office ergonomics design guidelines for workstation, seating, keyboard, monitor, and more.



  • Ergonomics training provides the information regarding the basic overview:

  • Introduction to ergonomics

  • Principles of ergonomics, history, and its relationship with other sciences

  • Information about the ergonomic workplace and its usage

  • How to increase comfort, safety and productivity

  • Human Body, senses, dimensions

  • Interaction with workplace

  • load handling and load management

  • Musculoskeletal disorders and health risks

  • Ergonomic exercises to avoid problems

  • Case Study and Self assessment procedure

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