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Solution Provider:


Green Energy:

We need to think about our energy production for the future, and we need to do it earlier than we think. There is a move in many countries toward using Green Energy.


DeveNova Consulting is proud to share the Canadian green experience with you. We can help you in the Green Energy journey from evaluation/assessment phase all the way to installation and maintenance phases.


  • Photovoltaic Systems

  • Residential Solar Pool Heating Systems

  • Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Residential Earth Energy Systems

  • Seawater cooling System for Buildings

  • Stand-Alone Wind Energy Systems

  • Cut On Your Electricity Bills


How We Can Help You! with the following areas:


  • Training and sharing the Canadian Experience

  • Preliminary Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Energy Concepts

  • System Design

  • System Installation

  • System Maintenance

  • Project Development

  • Project Management


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