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Solution Provider:

Overall Aim:

The overall aim is to deliver effective office ergonomics training with ergonomic practical assessment of employees’ workplaces and evaluation of current office setup and equipments. Beside that, the aim also is to provide train-the-trainer training.

One-on-One Ergonomics Evaluation - Practical Assessment:

DeveNova provides a practical assessment and evaluation of all employees. The length of each assessment will be 15 minutes per person with addition of 5 minutes of lead-time. Each employee will receive relevant information on workplace ergonomics and prevention with a booklet with essential recommendations and advices on healthy spine and ergonomics at workplace.

Ergonomics Evaluation of Current Office Setup and Equipments:

DeveNova Consulting will conduct a detailed ergonomic evaluation of the current office workstation setup and provide a formal report. The evaluation will assess the ergonomic acceptability of the following items but not limited to:

  • Workstations, Chairs, Keyboards, Mouse, Monitors, Lighting, Phones, And more ....

Office Ergonomics Training:

DeveNova provides all employees with awareness and understanding of office ergonomics. The employees will be divided into groups. The training will be offered in 2-3 days.

    Learning Objectives:

The objectives of this training will be to:

  • Create a culture of ergonomics within the organization.

  • Provide information regarding workplace and it usage, poor workstation setup effect on health, productivity, and quality of work.

  • Introduction to human body, the anatomical and mechanical structure of the human body, human senses,

  • Provide information about interaction between human body (eyes, hands, feet, spine, etc) and office environment.

  • Provide information about musculoskeletal disorders, health risks, and ergonomic exercises to avoid the problems.

  • Basic office ergonomics design guidelines for workstation, seating, keyboard, monitor, and more.

Ergonomics Awareness: Train-the-Trainer Training:

Train-the-Trainer Training course is for a selected number of employees and it will be for 3-4 days. It provides the employees with experience and required skills to conduct office training as well as conduct skilled one-on-one office ergonomic assessments.

   Learning Objectives:

  • To provide information regarding the principles of ergonomics; its history and relationship with other sciences.

  • Is to promote the awareness and understanding of the ergonomics principles of the office environment.

  • Will provide the participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills to identify risk factors, workstation deficiencies and make the changes necessary for correction.

  • Will provide information about musculoskeletal disorders, health risks, and ergonomic exercises to avoid the problems.

  • Will also Provide the participants with the information necessary to optimize the workstations and develop improved work methods.

  • Includes ‘hands-on’ training with actual workstations in the work environment and interaction with employees.

  • Also includes office ergonomics assessment techniques.

Poster Design:

DeveNova provides with poster designs that will reflect some ergonomics advices. These posters will be hanged in different places around the company to have those advises visible for the employees. The poster contents will be finalized onsite in order to determine the exact contents of each poster to suit each place where it will be displayed.

Posters will primarily reflect the following:

Physiology of the body, Parts of the body most affected, Eye strain, Pragmatic preventative measures, Correct use of office equipment, Exercises and stress release, Healthy postures, And more.....

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